Coober Admin



Soon after launching, we realized that managing the availability of sports grounds is quite an exacting task that could not be properly executed using the existing tools.


From the start, operators had used the standard UI of Google Calendar to manage the availability of their facilities. However, the Google UI didn't work well for sports halls that could be partly rented.

At this point we were happy to have a completely decoupled REST API as our back-end. We only had to make minor modifications to implement a new UI. Furthermore, could still use the Google Calendar API to manage our data, but we needed more control over the UI.


Coober admin is a web app built in ES6 with AngularJS and Google Material Design. It's first main feature focused on managing the availability of sports halls connected to Coober. In the future we may extend Coober admin with other features, such as the capability to manage orders and edit sports hall profile pages.

We worked on this project in a team of three. Robert did the design and UI, while Bart made the required modifications to the back-end, and as the project lead I worked on all elements and assisted the others where needed. This project made me more experienced in working with SCRUM, JavaScript (ES6), AngularJS, unit-testing, Webpack and Google Material Design.

Tools and languages used: JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, unit-testing, Mocha, Chai, Sinon.JS, HTML5, CSS3, requirement analysis, SCRUM, code reviewing, GIT, REST APIs, ES6, Gulp, LESS, authentication, authorization, Google material design, Webpack, Protractor, Amazon Web Services (CloudFront & CloudWatch), New Relic (APM & Infrastructure), SSL with Let's Encrypt, Atlassian Jira.