Below you'll find some info about the projects I've been working on over the past few years. If you have any questions about these projects, please get in touch!

4Shipping - Maps APIs

4Shipping’s app matches demand and supply for inland shipping. I’ve created a REST API that the app uses to calculate distances between offered cargo and ship locations..
Docker, Laravel Lumen (PHP) & PostgreSQL.

G2G - Datawarehouse

G2G online is a marketing agency that manages the online channels for some internationally operating companies. As a freelance web developer, I worked on a project with the objective of improving the data and..
Docker, Node.js & PHP.

Are you in

"Are you in" is a small hobby project to make life a bit easier for team captains. It automatically sends reminders to team members about upcoming matches and asks them whether they are able to come along..
Node.js, Docker & Twilio

The goal of Coober was to make it easier to engage in sports by by simplifying the booking process. We came up with the idea of creating a website for sports facilities. Bundling the facilities on one..
JavaScript, AngularJS & Node.js.

Coober Admin

Soon after launching, we realized that managing the availability of sports grounds is quite an exacting task that could not be properly executed using the existing tools. From the start, operators had used the standard..
JavaScript (ES6), AngularJS & Material Design.

Ballonno specializes in delivering helium balloons. I started this company while I was studying. After a few years the initial website needed some serious redesign. My role was to manage the project, and I also took on a large..
JavaScript, AngularJS & Node.js.

While working at Erudio, we often enjoyed playing table tennis. On some days, we were really keen to view some statistics about our performance. After some brainstorming, we figured others might..
JavaScript, AngularJS & Node.js.

Erudio - Grobo

By the time I’d joined Erudio, we had 150 college students working as tutors for our customers, who were mainly high-school students. As co-owner at Erudio, an important part of my role was to create a scalable process to manage..
PHP, Laravel & AngularJS.


Buijse manufactures fire-resistant storage containers. In 2012, they hired me to assist in improving the way they handled orders. The orders themselves were relatively standard, but the order-handling process was mostly manual..
PHP, CodeIgniter & MySQL.