Erudio - Grobo



Grobo is a project I worked on while I was co-owner of Erudio. This web application was used to keep track of all data relating to our core business processes.


By the time I’d joined Erudio, we had 150 college students working as tutors for our customers, who were mainly high-school students. As co-owner at Erudio, an important part of my role was to create a scalable process to manage customer and employee data to gain efficiency and be able to explore new business models. The main business process behind Erudio consisted of matching tutors with students, salary administration and invoicing.


Developing a central data source was the first step in creating a scalable business process. In Grobo, employees could administer information about customers and employees.

Using the application's REST API, we were able to build other loosely coupled tools to support current business processes and we were also able to explore new business models using our current data. One example was a small web app that combined information about tutors retrieved from the Grobo REST API with Google maps to create a map that showed the location of every Erudio tutor. This allowed our office workers to more rapidly match customers with tutors. Furthermore, we had planned to develop an app that matches customers with tutors without the need for an intermediary.

Most of the plans we had for Grobo haven't been realized as in 2015 we sold the company to a large competitor.

This project made me more experienced in project management, data modelling, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript and AngularJS.

Tools and languages used: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, requirement analysis, SCRUM, code reviewing, GIT, REST APIs, Grunt, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Sheets API, data modeling, continuous integration, Semaphore CI, Selenium IDE, Redis, Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2 & CloudFront), SSL certificates, Atlassian Jira.